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Isn't it Time you Stopped Hitting Your Head Against a Brick Wall?
We are talking money, here, folks. Every minute you think you are working but are really distracted, is a minute you are not making money! You can overcome your poor time management habits. When is the last time you turned off your email alerts? Do you ever take a break during the day to re-energize and refuel? Are your mornings planned and your evenings relaxed? Did you renew your membership to the club? Have you learned to say NO? One thing I know: Time cannot be managed. Energy can.

If you are tired of the rat-race, take me up on this special offer available now through March 31:
Overcome Your Overwhelm Coaching Package
Normally 4 sessions at $250 per session, or $1,000.
Until March 31 - $250 for ALL 4 sessions with me via phone, Skype, Facetime or in person at my home office. Click here to schedule your private coaching.

Here's what to expect:
  • Your individual plan, when implemented, that guarantees you will truly overcome overwhelm once and for all.
  • A new perspective on what work could be for you on a daily basis.
  • An answer to eliminating your dependency on the email and social media that disrupts your effectiveness and destroys your flow.
  • The right way to say No.
  • Actual tools that are yours to keep to change the way you work.

This is your individual opportunity. My coaching fits your needs - we work on the specific issues and results you seek. Don't delay. In 8 days, this offer ends. Click here now and schedule yours.

Hear Gail speak next on April 3, 2017, 10 a.m-Noon, at Catalyst Ranch. Sponsored by NAWBO Chicago. Members and Guests welcome. You do not have to be a member to attend.

Customer Service and Sales Training:  7 Tips to Building a World Class Customer-centric Company 

Here's What You Can Expect:
  • Highly individualized content - time to discuss your challenges
  • Actual work time in small groups
  • Specific strategies to take back to your office
  • Current material based on best practices
  • Creative thinking        
Tick. Tock. Beat the Clock!
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