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Early Birds Get

That's right! Head to Bartlett's Farm OR shop online on our To Go site before 10 am everyday and receive double points on your Friend of the Farm account. Every dollar spent before 10 am is worth TWO POINTS!
500 points is a $10 dollar credit on your account. 
We are open early everyday for customers 60 and over, 7 am until 8 am, and then from 8 am to 6 pm for all customers. 
Summer hours commence on
Monday June 15th-
7 am to 8 am for 60+
8 am to 7 pm
DOUBLE POINTS ON BREAKFAST SANDWICHES! ORDER BEFORE 10 AM! Click the menu above to see our whole menu!

A note on Farm happenings
All festivals have been cancelled or postponed, and our own beloved Farm Tours, Flower Tours and Strawberry Picking are not possible this Summer.