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Buying Life Insurance for the First Time? Then Read These 8 Tips
by Erie Insurance on April 15, 2020

Update: Talk to your local agent to request a contact-free life insurance quote. For a limited time, we are waiving the requirement of a paramedical exam in light of CDC guidance to maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Maybe you just got married. Or had your first child. Or started a business.
Whatever the life event is, you are now buying life insurance for the first time. And that might intimidate and confuse you a little.
Help ease your mind by reading the following advice for anyone who is buying life insurance for the first time.

Understand who (or what) you’re protecting
Major life changes like getting married, starting a family or buying a house are often when people think about buying life insurance for the first time.
While anyone experiencing a significant life event like getting married or starting a family often recognizes the need for life insurance, others may not realize they could benefit from it as well. For instance, did you know that stay-at-home parents and student loan cosigners could have a definite need for life insurance? An insurance agent can help you figure out who and what you need to protect.

Only buy the life insurance plan you can afford
Many people are surprised at how much life insurance they really need to protect the people and things they love most. Yet it’s a mistake to forgo any coverage at all if you can’t afford the plan you want. Something is definitely better than nothing, and you don’t need to purchase the best plan to take care of your family. (Need more good news? Life insurance is probably more affordable than you think.)

Think through your beneficiaries
A life insurance beneficiary is the person or entity you name in your life policy to receive funds in the event of your passing. Your beneficiary can be a person, business, trust, charity or even your church. And, you can have more than one. It’s important to make sure you think through who your beneficiaries are and if any proceeds meant to benefit a minor should be held in trust.

Consider how much life insurance you need
An insurance professional like an Erie Insurance agent can help you talk through what makes sense for your life and budget.

Buy from a financially sound company
You want the backing of a financially strong insurer if you or someone you love needs to call on the life insurance policy. A.M. Best, the largest and longest-established company devoted to issuing in-depth reports and financial strength ratings about insurance organizations, gave Erie Family Life Insurance Company a rating of A (Excellent).

Take into account current and future needs
Don't just consider your current lifestyle, keep in mind your future needs and what those could include (a spouse, children or business). By taking in these considerations today, you're investing in the security of your future. Life insurance is less expensive than most people think—and that’s especially true when you’re younger. 

Learn about life insurance
While an insurance agent can certainly help you navigate the world of life insurance, it also helps to have a working knowledge of it. The “Life Sense” articles in this blog are a good starting point.

Work with a licensed insurance agent
A knowledgeable and professional insurance agent can offer trusted guidance when it comes to finding the right life insurance protection at the right price. An insurance agent is also a trusted person your family can turn to in a time of need. Talk to an Erie Insurance Agent to learn more about your life insurance options and to get a free quote.

Certain terms and limitations may apply. Refer to our disclaimer. This story originally published in 2015.
Keeping Costs in Check? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners on Business Insurance
by Tyler Howell on February 21, 2020

Owning a small business can be one of life’s greatest balancing acts. Every day there’s the stress of managing employees, finding (and retaining) customers and monitoring cash flow. And on top of that, you’ll always feel the pressure to keep costs down — and productivity up.

For business owners looking to boost their bottom line, cutting back on insurance expenses can be a real temptation. After all, insurance premiums are usually a fixed cost. Especially if you’ve never had to file a claim, those monthly payments can feel like just another bill to pay.

But without adequate protection, an accident of any kind could be detrimental to the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Here’s why cutting corners on business insurance doesn’t pay off.

Why is business insurance important?

Like your personal home and auto policies, business insurance is meant to help business get back to normal after an accident, which can include lawsuits, property damage, injuries and more.

As a result, business insurance is a necessary expense. But that doesn’t mean it’s without return. Here are some benefits to having the right commercial insurance.

Stay legal. Depending on the state you operate in, certain policies may be required by law, regardless of your business’ size. For example, many states require a business owner to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, even if you only have a single employee. Your local Erie Insurance agent can help you understand  which policies are intended to comply with legal requirements and recommend the right policies for your industry and size.
Care for employees. As a small business owner, your employees are like members of the family. And you depend on them to help run your business. Workers’ compensation can cover medical care and lost wages if they’re injured on the job.  ERIE also offers risk control services to help policyholders identify and reduce risks.
Protect your business from the unexpected. Sometimes, accidents happen. The right insurance coverage can protect your business after something unexpected happens, such as if you become legally liable for injuries suffered by a customer after something like a slip-and-fall accident at your business. 
Boost your reputation. Solid protection can instill confidence from employees and clients alike. Having coverage that’s in everyone’s best interest shows others that you’re willing to invest in their safety and well-being.
Qualify for contracts. Securing a new business contract often requires you to have minimum limits of certain business insurance coverages, especially if loans are involved.
Recover from natural disasters. Mother Nature can level businesses and make recovery seem impossible. The right coverage can help put your mind at ease and get you back to work. (Talk to a local ERIE agent about the specifics, since some coverage – such as flood or earthquake – is sold separately. Read more about protecting your business from natural disasters.)
Cover legal costs. Lawsuits are notorious for taking up time and racking up bills. Business insurance can help you prepare for interruptions and keep legal costs from emptying your bank account.

How to choose business insurance

Finding the right coverage starts with assessing your needs and identifying the risks associated with your business. Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all. That’s why ERIE offers a variety of business insurance policies tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you own a restaurant, an apartment building or a construction business, our custom solutions are crafted from years of experience protecting businesses like yours.

Here are some of the most common business insurance policies, and why you shouldn’t overlook them:

Commercial auto insurance: Whether you rely on a single car or a large fleet of vehicles, commercial auto insurance is something many businesses need. This coverage can protect your business against claims for bodily injury and property damage caused by a covered accident arising out of the use of a company vehicle.
Commercial property insurance: Commercial property insurance helps protect the building or physical location you work in, whether it’s owned with property coverage or leased with liability coverage for damage that’s your fault. It could also replace damaged or stolen assets like equipment and product inventory. Some policies, like business interruption coverage, can even help recover any income you lost while your doors were closed due to a covered loss.
General liability insurance: While specific liabilities may vary from business to business, a general liability policy protects you against covered claims alleging bodily injury or property damage.
Employment practices liability: Legal issues stemming from alleged discrimination, wrongful termination and harassment are growing concerns for today’s small business owner. With Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPL) coverage from ERIE, you can choose the protection that best fits your needs to help cover the costs of a lawsuit — even if the charges aren’t true.
Business data breach coverage: Tech companies aren’t the only ones vulnerable to hacking and data breaches. Whether someone steals your customers’ credit card numbers or your employees’ tax information, it can wreak havoc on your business. If you’re a business owner data breach coverage is a worthwhile addition.
Workers' compensation insurance: Often referred to as workers’ comp, this policy is legally required in most states if you hire employees. It helps cover medical care and lost wages for an employee who is hurt at work and cannot return.
Business umbrella insurance: No matter how careful you or your employees are, mistakes and accidents unfortunately do happen. That’s why many business owners make the smart decision to protect themselves with extra business liability insurance. Known as Business Catastrophe Liability at ERIE, this additional layer of coverage gives you extra protection and peace of mind above and beyond your commercial general liability, professional liability, business auto liability and employers liability insurance. (Check with your local ERIE agent about any sublimits that might apply.)

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