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November 22, 2017

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There's always something to be thankful for.
And we are thankful for all of you, our friends and faithful customers.
​​​​​​​We wish you all a happy, peaceful Thanksgiving. 
Scenes from the Wreath Table
Laura and Constanza are making wreaths for shipping and for individual orders! 
Scallop shells really make our Nantucket Wreaths pop! 
These Nantucket-Themed, scallop shell wreaths are gifts that will be treasured by everyone who receives them! Hand-decorated with pine cones, scallop shells, juniper berries, and a bow, these 12" or 16" wreaths
remind you of Nantucket!
Don't forget one for yourself, too! 
How to Throw a Party with Wines
Everyone Will Love

Throwing a great party with unique wines that will make every guest happy can seem daunting.  Guests have their preferences, but with a little knowledge and know-how, you can charm even the most discerning palates. 

How Much Wine?
Typically, one 750ml bottle of wine will yield six 4-ounce glasses. At a "standup" or cocktail  party, guests typically consume an average of...[READ ON]
We want YOU to try more Cheese.
Really really! Check out our Cheese Sale!

And now through Stroll, when you
Buy any two cheeses from the case,
get your third one HALF OFF
Try a new cheese or two, broaden your horizons and save a little green, too!
Follow the Signs
Look for our "Sharp, Creamy, Funky, Nutty" signs, and pick three cheeses for the perfect cheese plate!  Still lost? Never fear, read this Cheese Plate Recipe from the Farm's website here!
Hot House Tomatoes are BACK
Love our tomatoes but not sure how to incorporate them onto the Thanksgiving table? Try your hand at preparing a Tomato Gratin; a super easy and healthful side dish of juicy roasted tomatoes, crispy breadcrumbs and pecorino cheese.
We like this recipe here, for its simplicity.
Citrus Season is Here!

With Citrus season just beginning to pop, Mj, our Market Manager is back on the hunt for just-picked, in-season Citrus in all their neon, mood brightening, healthful glory! 
Available now, clockwise from Left:
Meyer Lemons (a fragrant variety of lemon with less acid)
Satsuma Mandarins (seedless, sweet like honey, with just the tiniest bit of acid,) & Cocktail Grapefruits! (weird right? these beauties are a cross between a mandarin and pommelo. juicy sweet with none of the bitterness of grapefruit. consequently perfect for use in cocktails :)


Heirloom apples are known for their unique flavors textures and long and intriguing histories.

For more information about a specific variety, please visit our heirloom apple provider, Scott Farms Website 
What's Going on at Nantucket Fresh Catch?
Joan says- "Lots of great holiday seafood available; Specialty Caviar from Browne Trading, Alaskan King Crab Legs, Stone Crab Claws, Fresh Lobster Meat and Freshly Shucked Oysters, perfect for stuffing. Scallops are plentiful too.
A great time to stop by and see what's fresh!"
Nantucket Fresh Catch Hours-
Monday through Friday, 12pm-6pm
Saturday and Sunday,10am-6pm
through December 17th
It's beginning to look Festive on the Farm
Poinsettias, ornaments, table decorations, berries, roping, can find everything you need to decorate!

The weather is still perfect for planting bulbs! 
It's time again for the
Nantucket Chamber of Commerce Red Ticket Event!
For every $25 you spend at a participating merchant,
you receive a red ticket. Collect them and keep track of the numbers, then on Christmas Eve, head to Main Street where you could win 
$1000 or $5000 if you have the winning number! 
If you won't be on Nantucket on Christmas Eve, you may put your tickets in our donation bucket.  We will be donating tickets to the Liz de Souza Memorial Fund this year. 
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