Sept. 21, 2016
Join in this Saturday — September 24, 2016
CT Expansion People Over Pipelines Walk

There will be a People Over Pipelines Walk to Stop the Connecticut Expansion Pipeline on September 24, starting at noon, from Agawam, MA to Suffield, CT. Kinder Morgan’s Connecticut Expansion pipeline project has received a lot of press concerning it’s 3.8 mile segment through Sandisfield, Massachusetts and the protected conservation land of Otis State Forest. But the entire pipeline project also contains a segment in Bethlehem, New York just south of Albany, and another from the Agawam, MA compressor station down to East Granby, CT.

This walk will help bring attention to the re-drafting of the Connecticut Comprehensive Energy Strategy (CES) coming up this fall. The previous CES called for statewide conversion of home heating to natural gas. This projected demand became the sole cause of the CT Expansion pipeline proposal, but with heating oil prices dropping drastically, those conversions and the gas market they were suppose to create, never materialized, evaporating the need for the pipeline that is still slated to be built.

The new CES, which is currently being drafted and which will have public comment periods and hearings coming up soon, is an opportunity for the people of Connecticut to ask for more a more sound state energy plan. Expansion of weatherization, efficiency, peak demand response and clean energy measures will allow for a more diverse, cost effective and less environmentally damaging strategy than the old CES.

The noon rally at the Agawam, MA compressor station will also highlight the plight of those living near the site, which is slated for expansion under Kinder Morgan’s CT Expansion project. Air, noise and light pollution already experienced by the surrounding neighborhood will be substantially increased if the CT Expansion pipeline project receives its final permits.

Arrive at 11:00-11:30 at Suffield Village Shopping Center at the intersection of Rte. 75 and 168 in Suffield CT, for parking. A shuttle will bring walkers and rally attendees to the Agawam Compressor Station site.
» Map to Suffield Village Shopping Center

The People Over Pipelines CT Expansion Walk kicks off at noon on September 24, 2016 with a rally at the Agawam compressor station. Singers and speakers will address pipeline expansion, economic, health and safety and climate concerns.

The walk will then continue 7 miles into Connecticut along the pipeline route, down Rte. 75 and then turning west onto Rte. 168. A shuttle bus will bring walkers to the Agawam starting point. Support vehicles will be available throughout the walk for anyone who can only walk just a segment, and the shuttles will bring walkers back to the parking lot.

— Wear yellow if you can, for safety AND solidarity!
— Bring your own water bottle if you have one to cut down on waste
    (our relief drivers will have more water for refills)

Participants are welcome to walk the entire route, or join in for as long or short as segment as they like. People from New York state and across New England are invited to stand up for these impacted communities and for a more sane energy policy in CT.

This walk is sponsored by CT Chapter Sierra Club, No Fracked Gas in Mass, Berkshire Environmental Action Team, Toxics Action Center, Bethlehem NY EcoDefense and 350 CT.

For more information, please contact the Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter at 860-236-4405, or email

» Please print or download and share this poster! S

Noise Nightmare as Algonquin (AIM) Pipeline Woes Lead to 24-hour Work
Residents have been relocated as Spectra tries to get pipe out from under the Hudson after the first failed installation attempt.

By Lanning Taliaferro, Peekskill Patch Staff
September 2, 2016

CORTLANDT, NY — The failure to pull 42-inch diameter pipe through the hole it drilled under the Hudson River has left Spectra Energy working 24/7 to get the pieces of pipe out so it can try again.

This is a major setback for the project to expand the Algonquin fracked-gas pipeline, which runs through Rockland, Westchester and Putnam counties on its way to New England.

The setback in Cortlandt has led to extraordinary noise problems as crews mount, use, dismantle and remount pneumatic hammers they're using to get out pieces of new pipe stuck under the river.

Read Third Party Compliance Report of this construction accident filed with FERC:

"Because Algonquin personnel had misinterpreted communications with the onsite FERC Compliance Monitor and this incident occurred over the weekend when real time communication with FERC Staff and other agencies is not always possible, Algonquin mistakenly undertook activities on the west side of the Hudson River prior to receiving written approval or attempting to contact FERC Staff other than the onsite FERC Compliance Monitor in the field."

» Read the full report
- The Spectra Hotline Number for Homeowners is 1-866-873-2579.
- The FERC Customer Service number is 1-866-208-3372 f
   or FERC Document number CP-14-96
- The FERC Landowner Hotline is 1-877-337-2237

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