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We are excited as we prepare to leave for Fiji for evangelism, training, and FESTIVAL FIJI the LIFE EXPERIENCE. We appreciate your prayers to overcome weather obstacles that threaten our entire trip. From Hurricane Hermine which crashed through Florida and is pounding its way up the East Coast threatening our Norfolk and Atlanta flights. We face Hurricane Madeline in the South Pacific and now the approach of Category 3 Hurricane Lester to the Hawaiian Islands.

On top of that, a 7.1 earthquake off the shore of New Zealand, south of our destination, prompted tsunami warnings. All are reminders to pray for people in these times.
Global Teen Challenge Executive Council

The strategic meeting of the Global Teen Challenge Executive Council Denver, Colorado was an amazing time of ministry and vision. Launched with a powerful challenge by Dr. Jerry Nance, Pres. CEO of Global Teen Challenge, we looked at the Nehemiah model. In chapter 2, between verses 11 & 18, over 9 times, Nehemiah uses the word “I" as he explored, in the darkness, the needs of the fallen city."I prayed", became "I saw," but then came with the powerful challenge in verse 18--“Let US build”

The calling of Global Teen Challenge is to empower the "us" in the resources of over 1400 TC centers in almost 120 nations world wide. It would have been easy to rest on the amazing accomplishments of GTC in the last decade, but so much work remains to be done.

Dr. Nance challenged us to prayerfully consider, not the work that has been done, but all that remains. Over 270 million addicts still must be reached. One leader laid out a fairly ambitious 5 year plan to the enthusiastic response of the TC leaders from around the world. Dr. Nance quickly brought us back to earth. He shared, "Roughly 2.5 million drug users die from addiction each year, 5 every minute. While we congratulate one another on a 5 year plan, 12 million will still die in their addiction, most without Jesus!"

Dr Nance sealed the challenge with
Isaiah 66:1. "Imagine the possibilities when you go in the name of the One who uses the earth as a footstool!" (Acts 7:49).

With over 60 leaders from around the world, it was so wonderful to  see long-time friends and partners in the harvest. When I took this picture, I felt a prophetic anointing. What a photo, with not only amazing pioneers of TC, like KK Devaraj in India, Ron Brown, Jacobus Nomdoe and Stephan Barendse, but many of the new young faces.

We are excited about what God is doing and the amazing impact this new generation of leaders will bring to bear on the future. It is not just what they are doing for Teen Challenge. More important is how they are allowing God to use them to impact lives, families, and nations.

e votion

"Bring him to me."
    Matthew 17:17

James and John came down from the Mount of Transfiguration after an incredible experience.
In awe of the heavenly vision of Moses and Elijah with Jesus, on the mountaintop, Peter cried "We must stay here."

He was so caught up in the experience that he missed the promise of the cross before Jesus. He was so caught up in the moment that he did not realize that at the base of that mountain was a discouraged father with a demonized son and all of the disciples efforts had failed.

I sat before a Sunni Imam in a sensitive nation. Many had counseled us to cancel street ministry because of the danger of offending M-sl-m extremists. I prayerfully asked if we could meet with the Imam and he consented to meet with us. When I walked into his office, he nearly spit on me as, in utter disdain, through dark squinted eyes, he declared, “I have no use for your American Christianity. I have no use for your Western religion.” Then their was a pause, his eyes softened as he barely whispered, "But our children--they need your Jesus."

You might wonder what that has to do with this story. Matthew 17 is not a story of failure and disappointment, but a reminder of promise. It appeared that everything the disciples tried had failed, as they attempted to cast out the demon, but there was still a promise.

As Jesus came down from the mountain, the Master himself was “in the house.” This should be a real encouragement to those of us who sometimes struggle to see real transformation in the lives of those we love and minister to. I tell parents, “When you have done all that you can to reach your son or daughter, there is still Jesus. He is here, He can give them a new heart."

When all of our efforts as teacher or TC staff have failed and it seems like we are making no progress, let the discouragement and failure lead us to bring them to Jesus. He doesn’t just have the final word, HE IS the final word. Any staff, on any day, even on our best day, we are never more than Him at work through us.

Troubled souls, have you felt betrayed or disappointed when you needed help or comfort and help from the Church, friends or Christian ministers? Go to Jesus Himself, for he will meet you with a miracle. Even when it looks like we are defeated and all all else has failed, Christ stands ready to take our humiliation and turn it into victory.

In Luke, the disciples had toiled all night in vain, but when they dropped their net at the Lord's bidding, great was their success. In the shadows of our human failure, He stands waiting for our words, "I give up, at Your word I will!"

Here’s the most important thing. It’s not my ability, my faith, or my skill that is the final word. It is my Savior. My responsibility is to pray and share. The initiative for a miracle is in God’s hand.

In my nation, we tend to trust in our ability and have outsourced spiritual change to the school, church, and even Christian radio and TV, expecting instant results. Institutions cannot provide lasting change or regenerate a life, only Jesus can.

MY PRAYER: God, by your grace I come down from my mountain. Instead of resting on the last blessing, I am ready for Your word (Bring him to ME). I know that it is Your touch and Your Word, not institutions or my ability that can make the biggest difference. I trust YOU Jesus.


We are excited to join Fiji Teen Challenge, a team from American Samoa TC and Eric Poe from Western Samoa for this special outreach. Miracles are in order for the gold nation island of Fiji. Pray with us that those across the island will bring those who are battling with drugs alcohol peer pressure poverty brokenness physical/mental and spiritual abuse. No matter what the life controlling problem or life challenge the power of Jesus Christ is here and this will be a week of miracles. Please pray that folks will invite their friends loved ones and the folks from the street. We have six open beds in teen challenge and we are excited to fill them this week.

Lautoka Itinerary
Wednesday-Saturday 07 Sept to 10th
~~~6:30pm to 10pm. Shirley Park,

Wednesday 7th September.
~~~ 10 am Pastor’s Awareness

Thursday 7th September
~~~Training: DNA/Distinctive of TC

Friday 8th  September 9 am
~~~ Training / Staff Meeting

Sunday 11th September 
~~~ AM Service Promised Land A/G

Sunday 11th August 11th, at 3pm
~~~ Carnival Ground -Sugar Festival.
~~~ combined Church meeting

Monday 12th September
~~~AM/AFT Prison and Schools
~~~EVE: Sugar Festival

TUESDAY 14 September
~~~ Afternoon: Schools
~~~EVE: Sugar Festival

Suva itinerary;
1.     Thursday 15th arrive 5pm; Street
    6 to 9pm – street outreach - Bro Tuimasi   

2. Friday 16th September
~~~ Prison Outreach.
~~~ 9 am - meet Dir of Rehab & Prison personnel
~~~ Ministry at Correction Institutions in
~~~ Suva, Nasinu and Naboro.
~~~ 7 to 9pm – street outreach Bro Tuimasi 

3.    Saturday 17th September
~~~ Pastors’ Luncheon; 11:30 to 2pm;
~~~ 3 to 6pm – Sukuna Park Open Air

4.     Sunday 18th September  - AM Service

From the streets to schools and churches to prison and the Sugar Festival, we are believing God for IMPACT. Please pray for the special Pastor's Awareness Meetings in Lautoka and the capitol city, Suva.


As we are preparing to leave for Fiji, my heart still goes back to the powerful work that God did in Burundi. Reports continue to flood in of changed lives and supernatural healings. We are ever so grateful to Johannes Amritzer and the team of Mission SOS and look forward to the outreach next June in Madagascar. I hope you will prayerfully consider joining us in Madagascar. We will share more details in upcoming E-ntercession. For those that did not get a chance, please watch the Burundi video.

Come with us behind the scenes:
Signs and Wonders Festival.
oin us for healing, miracles, and deliverance with MISSION SOS

ATTENDANCE:~ ~ 160,000
SALVATION: ~ ~ ~ 40,000
Water Baptism:~~over 6,000



September 4-20

Dominican Republic
November 4-16

Construction, Evangelism, Outreach
with Calvary Church, Naperville, IL
The World Mission Summit
January 2-8

Houston, Texas- Chi Alpha/GTC

Capetown, South Africa
January 2017 (tent)

Evangelism with Jacobus Nomdoe

Chang Mai, Thailand
Feb 12-18

ASIA Training and ministry

Please join with us in prayer as we continue to seek God, finish 2016 strong and look toward the 2017 ministry year. We have so many pending invitations India, Lebanon and Russia. Please stand with us in prayer that we will clearly hear the voice of the Lord.
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Current services-how about YOU?


Can we join you?
Call us at 757 728-0347 or email

Sunday, September 25, 2016,
Westchester Christian Worship Center
White Plains 9 & 11
Mt Vernon: 12:30
White Plains, New York

Monday, September 26-30
Brooklyn. Long Island and Albany TC
Glen Spey, New York

Sunday, October 9, 2016
Christian Chapel A/G
Virginia Beach, VA

Saturday, April 15, 2017
U-turn Community Outreach
John Theobold Sports Complex
Palatka, Florida

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Again I say
unto you,
That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done
for them of
my Father which is in heaven.



Please pray for us as we travel, along with team members from Western and American Samoa for the Global Teen Challenge mission to FIJI this weekend. We will join Hemraj Mangal and Seth Greenwell, pioneers of FIJI Teen Challenge for ministry Island-wide.

From the street, to the parks, to prison, schools and churches--we are believing God to establish this emerging ministry in FIJI and move miraculously. PRAY WITH US! Please consider adding our schedule to your prayer list. Remember, we are 16 hours ahead- so when It is 8 PM Monday Night, It will be Noon Tuesday in FIJI. Complete schedule is at the bottom.

2) Hurricanes, Tropical Storms, Tsunamis

Tropical Depression #9 has strengthened to full hurricane force and unleashed in fury on Florida and the east coast of the USA.

More than the problems these storms pose for our travel plans for our mission, pray for those who are enduring the pounding of the storms and suffering loss of life and property as Hurricane Hermine pounds its way up the East Coast and Hurricane Madeline batters the South Pacific immediately followed by the approach of Category 3 Hurricane Lester to the Hawaiian Islands, Pray for God's grace and presence to fill the void left in the wake of this devastation . .On top of that, a 7.1 earthquake off the shore of New Zealand, south of our destination, prompted tsunami warnings. All are reminders to pray for people in these times.

3) Italy Earthquake

Please pray for families and survivors as a magnitude 6.2 earthquake rocked Central Italy and the towns of Saletta, Accumoli, Amatrice. Beyond the physical devastation over 250 are dead. Pray for families, survivors, aid workers and rescue crews as well as TC leaders and companion ministries as they dig out and move forward.

4) NEW YORK: Laura Kirk

Laura Kirk in New York is recovering from very delicate brain surgery. Wife of Rev. Bill Kirk, assistant superintendent of the New York District Council of the Assemblies of God, they are a dynamic ministry couple. Bill shares that the brain tumor surgery went well and she’s now on the road to recovery, though it is projected to be a long process.  They anticipate that she will be home in 3 to 7 days, so please join with us as we pray for her complete recovery

4) PENNSYLVANIA : Donna Noll

Please pray for Donna who is recovering after receiving a surgically replaced left shoulder today at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. She was a professional softball pitcher and it took a real toll on both her shoulders. Since Donna had a Subarachnoid Hematoma, 25 coil aneurysm of the brain, her surgery was quite risky. Pray for Donna and Stan Noll as God continues to use them both in ministry.


Wednesday 07 Sept to Saturday 10th 6:30pm to 10pm. The major outreach meeting will be held in Lautoka, the second largest city of Fiji, where TC center is located. It will be held at Shirley Park, a large open area in the center of the city where addicts gather to score drugs and get high. Please pray for favor and that God will move on hearts, preparing the lost.

On Sunday August 11th, at 3pm on the Carnival Ground, there will be combined Church meeting



Lautoka/ Morning - Prison & School; Afternoon – Sugar Festival Outreach

Sugar Festival



Lautoka/ Morning – Schools
Afternoon & Evening – Sugar Festival Outreach

Sugar Festival

Suva itinerary:

1. Thursday 15th arrive 5pm; Street
        6:30  to 9pm – street outreach

2. Friday 16th September – Prison .
~~~9 am - meet Director of Rehab & Prison

~~~ Prison Ministry at Correction Institutions
~~~ Suva, Nasinu and Naboro.
~~~7 to 9 pm – street outreach- Bro Tuimasi  

3.  Saturday 17th September
~~~Pastors’ Luncheon; 11:30 to 2pm;
~~~3 to 6pm – Sukuna Park Open Air
4.   Sunday 18th September - AM Services

Pray with us for the global advance of the gospel. Pray for workers for the Harvest ...Teen Challenge Centers in 115 countries need staff and we currently have invitations to start Teen Challenge in over 32 nations. They are crying out for help. They need the power of God to meet a pressing social need... but we know it has a SPIRITUAL ROOT.
MATTHEW 9: 37 Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 38 Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”


We do not receive salary or travel expense from Global Teen Challenge. Your gift is so important during the summer season when income is down for us. We have had a challenging travel schedule with opportunities in Africa and Fiji. Your gifts help us to make it possible for leaders to join us in outreach as we share the GREAT NEWS of God's love and saving power.

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