Volume 9, Issue 1
January, 2016
Greetings from CoachDeck!

Before we know it, the first games of spring will be upon us. Are you ready? You can make sure your coaches are ready by providing them with their very own CoachDeck! With 52 good, fundamental drills that can all be made into exciting games, it's no wonder leagues everywhere are using them!

In this issue:
In a beautifully-written article, Tony Earp finds the deepest, most profound things we take away from playing sports. Brian Gotta discusses the fine line coaches must walk between doing what's best for each player and what's best for the team. And, Jeffrey Rhoads is back with great advice for parents who want to be sure their child is playing in the proper environment.

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Things That Last
By Tony Earp

At the end of the each season, it is normal to try to take inventory of what was gained or lost over the course of the year. But what about when there is not a next season? What about when the player is done competing, and playing sports is something that is in the rear-view mirror? At that point, what will the player take with him to help him move on to the next step in life? Read Article
Making the Right Coaching Decisions
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

I received an email from a mom of a sixth-grade boy who was playing basketball for the first time. She said that, while her son does get to play in games, his coach has instructed him never to dribble. When he gets the ball he can only pass to someone else. She asked if I thought this was wrong: Read Article

Choosing the Best Youth Sports Program for Your Child
By Jeffrey Rhoads

Ideally your child plays for a coach who is an excellent instructor-one who recognizes teaching opportunities and communicates lessons in a positive, uplifting manner. But in addition to a good coach, participating in the right youth sports programs is essential to your child's enjoyment of sports. Choose the wrong program or league, and you risk damaging your child's desire to play sports. ​ Read Article​