Raleigh Scherer,
JBBA President

Presiden't Corner

Hello Beefmaster family! To start off I would like to commend the extraordinary effort put forth by both our JBBA officers and directors as well as our involved group of junior members. In all my years attending events and programs for the JBBA, I have yet to see a group of young individuals who are so willing to put in the extra time to better both themselves and the association. Our November meeting was an outstanding success due to the hard work of our members and the generous speakers who dedicated their own time to make sure that this meeting was both fun as well as extremely educational. Our next three meetings will occur at the Fort Worth Stock Show on January 25 at 3 pm, Crockett, Texas on April 20 at 8:30 am (tentative), and at our Junior Nationals on July 22 at 4pm (tentative). As president of the JBBA, my focus this year is to promote developmental events for our juniors in order to teach them about the beef and cattle industry. This will provide our members with the ability to better understand the true reason we are a part of such an amazing organization. As we look forward to 2019, I cannot wait to see what lies in store for this great group of young people, and I hope to see every single one of you at our meetings and events!


Executive Corner
By Collin Osbourn, BBU EVP

Happy New Year to all our junior Beefmaster members and Welcome to the first JBBA Newsletter!  We hope that this newsletter will keep all our Jr members informed to the coming events in the Jr. program as well as some of the BBU events and information pieces. 

The JBBA program is made up of an outstanding group of young Beefmaster breeders and has a great set of officers and directors.  The Jr. Beefmaster Association offers several opportunities for scholarships and educational events that will help young breeders grow and learn more about all the different sectors of the beef industry.  This organization provides a chance for our young members to build relationships within the beef industry that will carry them throughout their professional careers.  If you are looking for a path to be part of something more, I highly encourage you to get involved with JBBA. 

I hope to see many of you at the coming spring shows and sales and wish you all Good luck in 2019!

Upcoming Events
  • January 18         Rio Grande Valley JBBA & BBU Round-up at Dr. Alvaro Restrepo's Santa Ana Ranch, Edcouch, TX
  • January 24-26    Fort Worth Stock Show Jr. Beefmaster Heifer Show
  • January 25        JBBA Meeting Fort Worth

  • Feb. 15         San Antonio Stock Show Jr. Beefmaster Heifer Show
  • March 6-7     Houston Stock Show Jr. Beefmaster Heifer Show
  • April 20        JBBA Meeting Crockett, TX
  • June 17-20  Texas Beef Council's Texas Youth Cattle Conference
  • July 21-26   JBBA National Show and Convention Belton, Texas

AI Program

Rules for the A.I. program are:
  • BBU members will nominate Beefmaster bulls to the JBBA office and pay a nomination fee for each bull of $150.
  • Bull nominations and fees are due by February 15th to JBBA office. You may email picture of bull (if available) and footnotes to bramirez@beefmasters.org.
  • JBBA members will be allowed to contact BBU members from March 1-May 1 and purchase semen on bulls nominated from BBU breeders at a cost of $15 per straw of semen.
  • BBU members are allowed to limit number of straws of semen a JBBA member is allowed to purchase on each bull.
  • If breeder limits the number of straws of semen that they are willing to sell to JBBA members on a particular bull, once those numbers of straws of semen are sold breeders does not have to sell any more semen to a JBBA member at a discounted price of $15/ straw.
  • JBBA office will provide JBBA members with a list of bulls that have been nominated by BBU members.
  • Semen purchased by JBBA members will not be allowed to transfer to BBU members. BBU members are responsible for releasing semen to JBBA members once payment has been received and sending in an AI transfer certificate to the JBBA office.
  • JBBA members are responsible for all freight cost associated with semen. Breeders need to turn in Semen Bill of Sale to BBU office by June 1st for each bull that is nominated with JBBA member's information.
  • We encourage all JBBA members to contact the breeders that are offering semen for sale to junior members at a discounted price and visit with them about their bull(s). We appreciate the support of the BBU breeders that are participating in the JBBA AI program.
  • If you have any questions on how the JBBA A.I. program will work please feel free to contact our office at 210-732-3132 or bramirez@beefmasters.org
A Special Message From Your Director of Youth Programs,
Yvonne (Bonnie) Ramirez
I hope each of you celebrated a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your loved ones.  I hope 2019 is filled with big goals, dreams and accomplishments for each of you!

JBBA is a wonderful youth organization to be a part of. There are so many opportunities available for all members. I encourage each of you to take advantage of the professional and fellowship opportunities, available scholarships, educational programs and the family, fun-filled JBBA events held throughout the year. Make friends, network with your peers, adult breeders and industry leaders; those connections will last you a lifetime and prove to be extremely beneficial with your future personal and professional endeavors.

JBBA has an active presence on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram; I invite all of you to follow us to keep up with the latest and greatest JBBA happenings. Be a part of the Buzz!

Stock show season is upon us and I'd like to share some personal advice. I highly encourage all juniors to go the extra mile with your livestock projects. The early mornings and late evenings of feeding or cleaning pens or working with your calves, vet trips, jackpot shows, clinics, etc. are all meaningful experiences that you will gain during your showing years. Don't be afraid to get dirty, to do the work, to ask questions, to ask for help, to learn... But, please don't expect others to do the work for you. You will miss out on the very essence of what youth programs such as JBBA, 4-H, and FFA are meant to provide. Enjoy every minute, the good, the bad, the ugly... cause every little bit will have an everlasting impact on your life. It's hard work, there's not doubt about that. But if you love what you are doing, it's not "real work!" Critical life skills such as responsibility, accountability, ownership, public speaking, caring for animals, learning about feeding programs, learning about veterinary needs, hard work, values, ethics, fellowship, and good sportsmanship, are just some of the many skills that can be acquired while caring for and showing livestock projects.

I have said this before and I'll mention it again, I am forever grateful of my showing and 4-H and FFA experiences. I have been able to do what I have done and what I do today because of my past youth involvement and experiences with those organizations. I hope they will be just as beneficial and impactful to you as they were to me. I will always credit my professional and personal successes to my passion for showing and my committed involvement to both 4-H and FFA programs.

I wish you MUCH.. Much learning, growth, greatness, happiness, dreams and goals!

I'll see you soon down the stock show trail... Best of luck and safe travels, JBBA'ers.
JBBA Barn Talk

From the February issue of The Beefmaster Cowman
By Troy Glaser, JBBA District 5 Director

With the end of 2018 flashing by our eyes and a new year beginning, the future looks bright for the JBBA, and most importantly, the agricultural industry. Spurred on by a massive $867 billion farm bill that was just passed in Congress, the agriculture industry is getting the support and funding it needs for farmers to continue to feed America. However, many challenges must be dealt with in the near future to ensure that America and the world has a stable and abundant food supply.

          With America’s population currently at 235 million and expected to rise to almost 400 million by 2050, it is very important that the U.S. Agriculture industry continues to increase productivity by making do with less land and farmers to work it. New ways have to be developed in order to supply food for this growing population. Another issue facing the U.S. Agriculture Industry is negative images portrayed  in social media and normal media outlets.  Millions of Americans are clueless about where their food comes from, and the hard work and sacrifice it takes from U.S. farmers to produce our nation’s food. This makes it imperative to inform the public on social media, and the news of the real facts about agriculture to prevent any more false opinions and statements from affecting the agriculture industry.

          This is why organizations such the FFA, 4-H, and especially the JBBA are very important for the success of the agricultural industry. The JBBA provides many opportunities for its members to learn about agriculture as well as plays an important role in  educating the general public about agriculture. Some may think that JBBA is just about showing cattle but that is not the case.  JBBA offers many leadership and educational opportunities to our members.  At JBBA Nationals each year, we have public speaking and quiz contest as well as educational events.  A few years back, we also added a carcass contest to help our members learn more about the market value of our animals.  Along with supporting the youth of the Beefmaster community, these events allow the public and the agricultural community to learn more about the organization and the Beefmaster breed as a whole.  JBBA serves a valuable role in creating advocates for agriculture.  JBBA members come into contact with some many young people who have little to no knowledge about agriculture.  This occurs at the schools we attend as we as the many livestocks show where we exhibit our animals across several states.  With the disconnect between consumers and ag producers at an all time high, the more people that can be a positive voice for our industry the better.  JBBA is doing its part to support the agricultural industry, and promoting the Beefmaster breed. Your continued support of JBBA is appreciated and will help the organization develop future agriculture leaders.

A Special Message From Ashley Davis, Fort Worth Stock Show Commercial Exhibits Manager  

The ALL NEW Stockman’s Café is now in Cattle Barn 1, climate controlled as bug free as Stock Show can be and offering new menu items…places to sit down etc. It’s great!!!

Because of you, folks like me have hope for future generations. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. We appreciate you!!

JBBA Fun Fact

Junior Beef Cattle Association Program Numbers as of 11/7/18
***As of 1/9/19, JBBA has 744 members***

Junior Breed Association










Maine- Anjou

    Approx 1600







Red Angus






Santa Gertrudis