Dear Purcell Parents,                                           Saturday, November 30, 2019

As you know, Monday is our final rehearsal of the semester and our final rehearsal in Westgate Mall!  Throughout the season, we have been focused on the idea of “vision” and looked at the ways artists can be visionaries.  We have looked at composers who have tried things that no one else has has thought of and composers who have a unique idea and envision how to turn their vision into sound.  One piece that we are studying was originally a picture book and a composer turned the visual art into a musical score.  In Purcell, we looked at part of the musical score and have imagined what the art might look like.

Many of the boys might have already drawn something over break.  For those that haven’t had a chance or would like to produce another drawing, I invite them to come early to rehearsal this Monday to sketch, color and create their own version of a verse of our piece “Walking Through the Air”.  If they have a favorite medium (marker, pastels, etc…), they are welcome to bring them.  Otherwise, I will gather some supplies to have there.  Boys who would like to come early to draw should come by 5:00pm on Monday (and as early as 4:50, if they would like).  Drawing will stop at 5:20 and we’ll clean up and be ready for our final rehearsal.  This is not a requirement and they are certainly welcome to come at 5:30 as usual, but I wanted to open this time up, for those who have a vision, but haven’t had the space/time to realize it yet.

Thanks for an excellent first semester!  I look forward to 2020 and all of the wonderful music we will continue to make!

Margaret Jenks