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Volume 4 Issue 5
May 2011

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7 Ways to Improve Velocity
When Our Heroes Fail
Goals & Expectations
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Greetings from CoachDeck!

It seems Opening Day was just last week and now seasons are already winding down with playoffs, tournaments and all-stars just around the corner. Also right around the corner is Father's Day. Don't forget that CoachDeck for baseball, softball, soccer and basketball make a great Father's Day gift!

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In this month's issue:
Our newest contributor, former Red Sox pitcher and founder of, Dick Mills provides tips on improving pitching velocity in just seven easy steps. Brian Gotta discusses what we should do as parents when our children's sports heroes fail us off the field. And, don't miss Dr. Patrick Cohen article on goals and expectations in youth sports.

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7 Ways to Quickly Improve Pitching VelocityDick Mills

By Dick Mills

Pitching velocity has been proven to come from the body and not the arm so that energy is quickly built and then passed off as late as possible to the arm. It does not have to take weeks or months to improve pitching velocity. It is simply a matter of understanding which aspects of mechanics must be improved so that more energy is available to get to the ball. Read Article

Money BaseballIts Not Too Early to Think About 2012 Fundraisers

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Brian Gotta

When Our Heroes Let Us Down

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

It's bound to happen. Your son or daughter's favorite players are discovered to be among the many who have done performance-enhancing drugs. Or, it could be they're a cheater of a different kind - in their marriage. Perhaps they've joined the ignominious list of athletes who've been arrested for DUI, battery or other crimes. When the "heroes" our children look up to fall from grace before our eyes, what should we tell them? Read Article
Pitch Count WatchThe Only Sports Watch That Counts Pitches!

Why buy a hand-held counter that you have to remember to bring to the game, when you can wear it on your wrist? Includes stopwatch, date and time, and it's always with you! So versatile it is the perfect gift for the baseball coach who "has it all."
Dr. Cohn

Goals & Expectations: Do's & Don'ts
by Patrick Cohen

One of the more difficult juggling acts that you have to learn to pull off as an athlete if you want to most consistently be a peak performer is how to effectively use and balance your goals and expectations. Before I explain, let's start with some simple definitions: Goals & Expectations: What are they? Read Article

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