Seat Wall and Urban Seating Ideas
Theatre Bench
Urban GFRC  Seat Wall
TF-6084 Illuminated Bollard
Flight Deck Bike Rack
Many civic and public projects require public seating that can accommodate a variety of configurations, high volumes of pedestrian traffic and be compatible within the designer vision for the project. Frequently this type of seating is planned with cast in place construction in mind. 

This month, we’re highlighting visually appealing off the shelf multiple section public seating designed for large spaces and high traffic pedestrian areas, metal benches, chairs and tables designed with interchangeable patterns, small benches designed for individuals and urban seating.

 Multiple Section Public Seating.  This section include both small and large scale seating units with end, in-line, corner and freestanding modules. Many models feature straight benches in a variety of lengths, inside and outside curves, angular shapes and integral planters. Some models feature LED Lighting.

In addition to providing public seating, the benches can be used as urban edges or landscape borders.  They’re also cost effective, visually appealing, available in a variety of finishes and commercially available.
Mix and Match Patterns.  If you’ve ever had the desire to mix and match different patterns in a single project, the Select outdoor furniture collection is worth a review.  Available as an assortment of benches, chairs and tables and fabricated in metal or metal and concrete, each product is available in nine standard patterns.  Perhaps, you’ll have an idea or two too.

Small Benches are gaining acceptance in both large and small public spaces.  They appeal to individuals involved in non-social activities like reading, checking messages or just relaxing.  Individuals interested in personal time and those conscious of taking up spaces on a large bench will appreciate the thought. Small benches should also be considered in ADA clusters.  They create more enjoyable spaces.

Urban Seating is a collection of public seating in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and styles with visual urban appeal.  Here you’ll find a combination of small benches, modular seating, seating islands and cool benches. Take a look!