Opportunity Alert


Stream Crossing Culvert Upgrade Grants Available

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection has just announced the second round for the stream crossing (culvert upgrade) grant.  Additional information is located in the posting information below, and on the DEP website. 

DEP seeks to direct these funds across the State in such a way to:

  • Improve public safety by reducing the risk of culvert failures
  • Include provisions for climate change, flood protection, and resiliency
  • Improve fish habitat by removing barriers to fish passage
  • Restore wetlands that improves wildlife habitat

The DEP link below contains fact sheets, application forms, examples of past successful applications, habitat views, and other additional information. 
Engineering is required to be successful in this round of grant applications so if your town is interested you should begin work early.  Applications are due March 22nd.   Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


For more information, contact Jay Kamm, Senior Planner NMDC, jkamm@nmdc.org