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The holidays are upon us and there is still time to order Equicizer accessories and get guaranteed delivery by Christmas! Shop now to get the perfect gift for the Equicizer owner(s) in your life... or maybe a little something for yourself! Check out the offer below and get your order in now!
AP Riding Pad
Replacement Reins
Riser Stand
Rein Attachments
Name Plates
Indoor MedCasters
Spare Parts Kit
All Terrain Casters
We are currently offering free priority mail shipping to anywhere in the continental USA on Equicizer All Purpose Riding Pad Purchases!
This offer applies to the pad and any Equicizer accessories purchased with it! 
Offer expires 12/14/2018. Excludes Equicizer Classic and Equicizer Elite models.

Equicizer All Purpose Riding Pad

A high quality, contoured riding pad specifically designed for the Equicizer. Fits riders of any age or size and suitable for any experience level, Can be used on the Equicizer with or without stirrups (not included) or a real horse (without stirrups). Covered with a durable Herculon top that is mold and mildew resistant. Quick-drying, easy to clean. Maize fleece bottom. Crafted top grain wear leathers with the Equicizer logo stitched to the pommel and skirts. Click here for an in depth look. 
29L x 34W inches.

Equicizer Elastic Rein Attachments

These rein attachments allow riders realistic feel and contact when practicing rein aids such as direct and indirect rein, opening rein, half halts, halts/whoa, collection, upward and downward transitions, bending, flexing and backing up. These and other maneuvers and skills that you would apply when riding a real horse can be practiced on the Equicizer using the Elastic Rein Attachment for a more realistic experience. The attachment is sensitive from 1 pound of rein pressure to a hardy 15 pounds of rein pressure.
It is also useful for applications that may not pertain to riding such as therapeutic and rehabilitation exercises for strengthening hand grip, arms, and core muscles..
Wooden Horse Wednesday

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