Good Morning Western Fairs Association Member,

Yesterday, the Western Fairs Association hosted two virtual discussions regarding COVID-19 for our members to listen to, collaborate with, and to show support for one another. We were so happy to see the number of members that were able to participate in this discussion. If you missed it, we heard reports from our industry leaders from across the western United States and provided an open forum for members to voice their questions, concerns, and helpful tips.

Reports and Themes from the call:

  • Many states have now been issued with stay-at-home orders, and many more to come.
  • All members have many difficult decisions to make in the next few months. When making these decisions make sure to be good business partners through clear communication, giving both parties as much notice as possible, and by considering both business and fair needs and restrictions. 
  • Keep in touch! Call a fellow business partner, friend, fellow CEO, a member within your division, etc.
  • Share information about tough decisions and ways you navigated situations with fellow members and the WFA office. We are a creative and naturally sharing industry. Our characteristics as an industry will serve as a useful tool as we weather this storm together.

Our biggest takeaway: Communication and the support of one another is what will help us get through this together. We are a family. Together we can continue to build better fairs.

As we continue on our journey through these frustrating and troublesome times we hope that you all know that the Western Fairs Association is here to support you in any way that we can. Please do not hesitate to reach out. We thank and commemorate you all for your collaboration and undeniable resilience. 

UPDATED: WFA COVID-19 Updates Webpage
The Western Fairs Association COVID-19 Updates webpage includes a full list of fair cancellations, resources, and information by country and state. This page is updated daily... VISIT OUR SITE.
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