Bedford Recycling: How are we doing?
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Over the past four years, Bedford 2020 has been working with the Town of Bedford and our local carting companies to increase recycling and therefore reduce waste that ends up in landfills and incinerators.
We are off to a great start!

Since we started single stream collection of recyclables, Bedford has nearly doubled the amount of waste recycled: 

In 2012 our residences recycled only 16% of our waste, but by 2015 we reached 30%. Let’s keep going in this direction! 

To reach our goals - 40% in 2020 & 75% in 2030 - we need broader awareness of all the items that can now be recycled, and we need town-wide participation!
More Recyclable than you think!
Bedford residents recently received a letter from our Supervisor explaining that our waste haulers are prohibited (under County and Town laws) from picking up trash from anyone not separating out recyclables. Starting in March, haulers will notify residents who are mixing recyclables with trash by putting an "Oops" sticker on their bin.

Bedford 2020 received many inquiries from residents asking: what is recyclable? what bin to use? how to label an existing bin? Overall, people want to be a part of the solution and increase recycling in our Town.
We have included answers to these and other questions below.
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Thank you for helping our town reach these goals for a healthier and greener planet.

From the Waste and Recycling Task Force of Bedford 2020.
What is Recyclable?
Almost everything!
70-80% of what you throw out can be recycled!

Things you didn't think were recyclable now ARE: mixed materials like envelopes with plastic windows and cardboard milk cartons with plastic tops, the tops of jars and bottles, plastic coated paper plates, catalogs, the cereal box with the bag inside, ALL plastics regardless of the number on them, and more!

What's left to put in the trash? 
Styrofoam, ceramics, mirrors, wood, food scraps and soiled paper. However,  if you compost most of your food waste and put some soiled paper in your compost pile, you will be left with a teeny, tiny amount of trash!
What Bin to Use For Recyclables?
 Your recycling bin should be at least twice the size of your waste bin. 

Ask your hauler if they provide a recycling bin.

If you already have a bin you'd like to label for "recycling," we have large stickers f or you to use. Email us and we will give you one. If you want to purchase a different sticker, here are some options.

Ask your hauler about the “recycling discount”, which is available to curbside customers who have less than 30 gallons of trash each week. 
Why Recycle?
  • Three tons of greenhouse gasses are avoided for every one ton of recycling, and many tons of virgin materials, water and power are saved.
  • Landfilling or incineration is avoided, saving land and reducing emissions.
  • Recycling is cheaper than trash disposal because materials can be sold and reused.
What's Cooking in School Cafeterias?
Students Lead The Way to Waste Reduction!
Wednesday, March 9, 2016
7pm Refreshments/7:30pm Program
at the Greenburgh Nature Center, 99 Dromore Rd, Scarsdale.
For information call 914-813-125.

Students are achieving up to 95% recycling/composting rate every day in the cafeterias of more and more schools.  Learn from the students themselves how they are reducing trash to create a better future for us all!   Among the schools participating: Greenacres, Anne Hutchinson, Seely Place, Greeville and Edgemont High.  Program free and open to all. 

Remember Our Clean Up Days this Spring

Katonah Clean Up Day, Saturday 4/30, 9-2
Meet at Katonah Public Library

Bedford Chowder and Marching Club Clean Up Days 4/29 & 4/30
C&M and local volunteers of Bedford gather together to clean-up the roads around Bedford.
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