Breakfast with the Rabbi Presents

What the Eye Teaches, the Heart Learns:
Jewish and Christian Art
Sunday May 6, 2018  9AM
​​​​​​​Everyone welcome - no charge

How have Jews and Christians viewed each other through art, architecture, sculpture, and even stained glass through the years? Join us as walk through a shared history—first of conflict and recently of reconciliation—by considering Jewish and Christian art through the centuries.

Rabbi Susman and Dr. Bellitto have lectured as a pair for over a decade, offering talks on what is shared and distinct in Christmas and Chanukah, Passover and Easter, scripture and traditions. Their goal is to bridge the polarized gap between Judaism and Christianity by using an open-eyed view of history to promote understanding and good faith moving forward. 

Rabbi Brooks Susman, Adjunct Professor, Brookdale Community College
Dr. Christopher Bellitto, Professor of History, Kean University