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Issue 1 Volume 5 August 2008
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Don't Frame the Pitch
My Last Little League Game
Praise Goes a Long Way
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Summer Greetings from CoachDeck!
Inside this issue of On Deck, Coach Dave Weaver contributes another outstanding article on the art of catching, and his Four Laws of Good Receiving in Don't Ever Teach Your Catchers to Frame a Pitch are a must-read for any coach or catcher. Pam Champagne's article on the art of giving praise will make every parent or coach think twice about the way they communicate with children. And Brian Gotta's story of his final game as a Little League coach will resonate with many past and present youth baseball coaches.

The big news is that CoachDeck for Basketball will be out late September/early October so feel free to spread the word to all the hardwood coaches you know. As always we hope you enjoy this issue of On Deck and will share it with others.

Best wishes,

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 Coach WeaverDon't Ever Teach Your Catchers to Frame a Pitch!
by Dave Weaver of The New England Catching Camp
People are surprised to see an article written by a catching coach with this title. I am actually not opposed to framing when done correctly. I avoid using the term when instructing my students due to the misinformation out there about what it actually is. Read Article
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 Brian GottaMy Last Little League Game
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

After years of knowing this day was coming, wishing it wouldn't, and wondering how I'd react when it finally did, it happened. My son's all-star team was eliminated from tournament play and I found myself, for the first time in eleven years, without a Little League team to look forward to coaching next spring. Read Article
The Tee That Teaches
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Pam Champagne Even a Little Praise Can Go a Long Way
By Pam Richmond Champagne, The Sports Parenting Coach
"You did quite well, Amy, but I know you can do better." How many parents, when giving praise to their young athlete, kill all the joy out of it by adding the dreaded, "but." Read Article