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​Slow Flowers // PR Call for Images
Slow Flowers Members will be featured in our first editorial package for PR Web 
Above: Charles Little & Co. wreath
Above: Autumn bouquet from the "Slow Flowers book" (c) Debra Prinzing

Dear Slow Flowers Member, 
As I announced in our September newsletter, we're compiling the first of six Slow Flowers Seasonal Editorial Packages for 2016-2017 and you're invited to submit images of your flowers or your design work for possible inclusion! This opportunity is available free to PREMIUM Members. If you have a Standard Membership and you would like to participate, there is a $35 fee. 
Here are the details:
Theme: Slow Harvest, Home & Holiday Floral Ideas
Deadline for submission: Monday, October 10, 2016
What: Please submit up to 3 horizontal images (1024 x 768 dpi or larger is recommended)
The images should illustrate local, domestic and seasonal botanicals suitable for November and December lifestyle editorial. We're looking for wreaths, garlands, swags, containers and tabletop ideas. 
For each image, please provide the following:
1. Description of design
2. Source of flowers/foliage/botanical product
3. Your designer / decorating tips -- reader takeaways for editors to include
4. Be sure to share your Social Places for tagging (web site, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)
Submit to debra@slowflowers.com. You are encouraged to use Dropbox or other FTP sites. Questions? Please ask, email address above or call 206-769-8211
​Get Involved in this Affordable PR Program for
Slow Flowers Members
Distribution Details: A gallery of 12 images will be drawn from the pool of submissions to create our Slow Harvest, Home & Holiday editorial package to go out on the PR Web wire service to lifestyle editors and bloggers on October 20th. 
On November 1st, the full package will be published on Slowflowers.com's new SLOW FLOWERS JOURNAL site, an inspirational blog available to the public and distributed to our media list. Everyone who submits will have their images, descriptions and social links included there.