May 2017 Newsletter

Dear --FNAME--,

Happy belated Mother’s Day, Moms!!!

We are so excited to send out this month’s HPN newsletter because we had a miraculous month here in Hollywood. 

"Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” -Matthew 19:26


• Praise God for LEGACY

• Praise God the Writers Strike has been avoided

• Thank God for Moms

• Pray for Beauty in Creativity

• Pray for the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival

• Pray for the 71st Annual Tony Awards

• Pray for Johnny Depp and his personal financial issues

• Pray for Studio Heads and Executives' decisions in our volatile industry

• Pray for Erin Moran and Brad Grey who both died of cancer

• Pray for The growth of HPN

• Pray for other Hollywood Entertainment ministries

• Pray for the pastors in our local churches
• Check out our Upcoming Events

LEGACY: An Evening of Honor and Prayer
THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR LEGACY! HPN and Mastermedia’s LEGACY event on May 4th was an incredibly blessed night. With over 400 people attending on a beautiful CBS Sound stage, we spent the evening of our nation’s National Day of Prayer celebrating God, honoring people of faith, praying for pertinent issues and enjoying our amazing community of professional believers in Hollywood. We praise God for answered prayers and changed lives! He truly did a miraculous work that evening in the hearts and lives of everyone involved. We are still amazed at the reports of the recommitment, the reconciliation and even the physical healing that took place that night. We are truly a part of an amazing movement of God in Hollywood and we are honored to be here! Here are two of the many glowing responses to the evening that capture the power of the Holy Spirit at work that night. Because the evening so beautifully represented what we do and why we’re here, we’ll take this time and space to let you read the hearts of two attendees:
“Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the Legacy awards and prayer night. It was a powerful night of testimony and prayer. On a personal note, as an Asian American, I want to say how much I appreciate you honoring Merlinda and Christina because so often our faces and voices are invisible to Hollywood and the larger Christian community. You may not have even thought about it but these little things make a huge difference in minority communities. Thank you for being so naturally inclusive. As a woman too, seeing them and Martha honored inspires me and other women.”
“Thank you so much for the invitation to what was a night of immense blessing for me. Frankly, I wasn’t sure what to expect and my fear was that it would be highlighting wonderful people and seeing how God has used them; focusing on their highlight reels. I’m in a tough season right now and I wasn’t sure I could endure a night of superficial back patting. But when Terry talked about highs and lows and then that theme was echoed by the others, my heart was encouraged to follow Jesus more closely and to continue to keep idols from my heart. I also prayed with a nice couple who spoke such amazing words to me. Thank you.”
Details of the Event

Writers Strike Avoided
We praise God that the feared impending Writers Strike was avoided on May 1st when negotiations were completed right at the deadline between the WGA and the AMPTP (The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers). With no time to spare, the terms of the new contract were agreed upon and the industry sighed a deep sigh of relief, as writers, TV staffs, and film crews jumped back into their jobs with a new hope for the future. We thank you for your prayers, knowing this was a miracle we are all deeply grateful for. God is faithful as Hollywood works at full speed.
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Celebrate Moms Everywhere!!

We praise our God for Mothers. None of us would be here without our mothers and we want to pray for women all over the world to be devoted, wise, and loving Moms! We pray for the mothers in the entertainment industry –that they would put their children over their work, put their husbands over their children, and put God over everything in their lives. And thank the Lord for all of our praying moms! The world is a much better place because of the powerful, praying mothers inviting God to do miracles in the lives of everyone they pray for.


Pray for the Beauty in Creativity
Pray that we can celebrate the beauty and glory of God in all forms of creative arts and encourage that in others. God has given us the gift of creativity, for we are made in His image. Let's ask Him to reveal in all of us what gifts He's given us and that we use them to bring more beauty, truth, and love into our world. As you pray, read this article about a friend who creates musical instruments out of ice and how they are used to bring beautiful music into the world! God is so awesome!! 
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Pray for the 70th Cannes Film Festival
Please pray for the 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival, which takes place from May 17 – 28th in Cannes, France. It is the world’s largest international Film Festival where foreign & American filmmakers, talent, distributors, and producers all show up to either screen, sell, buy or promote their films. This is a wonderful time to pray for the Christians who attend to touch the lives of the other industry pros and for the Lord to lead the buyers to films that glorify Him, lift up the human spirit, and are full of beauty & truth. Since artists are prophets, may the prophets represented at Cannes make an eternal difference!
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Pray for The 71st Tony Awards
Pray for the 71st Annual Tony Awards ceremony, which is airing on June 11, 2017 at Radio City Music Hall, on CBS live. Let’s pray through the names of all of the nominees for this year’s event. The Tony Awards lift up all of the actors, producers, directors, and creators of Broadway plays & musicals. In the past few years there have been many blurred lines between TV & film pros and Broadway Theatre pros – with actors, directors and producers doing both. So, since the worlds have come together we have more reason to pray for everyone involved. We want the Lord to grab the hearts of all of the creative professionals in our country – whether they are in music, TV, film, theatre, dance or fine arts, for each one impacts our culture and each one needs Jesus!
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Pray for Johnny Depp During His Financial Crisis
Pray for actor Johnny Depp as his latest installment of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” film comes out. He is one of many actors who earn millions of dollars and then end up desperate to pay bills, either because of crooked managers, poor decision-making, no oversight or over-spending. The reason is not our focus, but let’s pray for Johnny and ask the Lord to use this time to bring him to His Creator and for him to experience the unconditional love, grace, peace and joy that only God can give. We want to see a miracle in Johnny’s life and you can be a part of that.
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Pray For Studio Heads and Executives
Tribune Media posts a 9% drop in advertising revenues the first quarter of this year. This announcement came just two days after Sinclair Broadcast Group had agreed to acquire Tribune for $3.9 billion. So, in yet another media acquisition, there is concern for both their choice of new cable programming and their diminishing advertising base. This is another example of the fast growing, changing, and volatile business of news and entertainment. Would you pray that the business minds running these corporations and conglomerates would be seeking God for wisdom, strength, knowledge, understanding, and especially for salvation.
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Erin Moran, 56 and Brad Grey, 59 Die of Cancer

Please pray for the family, friends, and fans who are grieving the loss of two culture changing industry professionals: Erin Moran, (56) and Brad Grey, (59), both passed away from cancer this month. Erin Marie Moran-Fleischmann was an American actress, best known for playing Joanie Cunningham on the television sitcom Happy Days and its spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi. She leaves many people behind who loved her both personally and the characters she played. Brad Grey was the former Paramount Pictures chairman and CEO who before that started Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, one of Hollywood’s most successful management and production companies. May the Lord lead everyone who knows Erin and/or Brad closer to Him and His unconditional love during this time. These times of loss are often the windows of opportunities for people to seek Jesus and His comfort, strength, and peace! For more info on Brad click the button below. 

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Pray for The Growth of HPN
Please join us in praying for more and more people around the world to find out about HPN and join us in praying for the people, the projects, and the issues in the world’s most influential city: Hollywood. Also, please pray for people in other entertainment cities: New York City, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, London, and Paris; to name a few. We want the creators of our modern music, films, TV shows, news and video games to find God’s love, His creativity and His heart for others. We want Christian entertainment professionals to fall more in love with Jesus and we want the Lord to reach the ones who don’t yet know Him. As you pray, check out our 111 Local Chapters around the world. Either reach out to the Local Chapter Director near you or even start your own!
US Chapters
INTNL Chapters
Pray For Other Entertainment Ministries
HPN is proud to partner with other ministries that share common goals of entertainment, prayer, and making sure Christians are equipped for their vocation in Hollywood. Please join us in praying for the other entertainment ministries and their effect on Hollywood. 
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Pray For the Pastors of the Churches in Hollywood
We have so many churches in the Hollywood area led by pastors who understand and speak into the souls of the creatives in this city. Won't you join us in praying for the pastors as they teach the young industry professionals at these media friendly churches.
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Thank you so much for praying with us this month. We hope you did something special for your mother (there is still time, if you missed it) and know that we are so thankful for you!!!

With love,

Karen, Megan, Veronica, and Kim

Upcoming Events:

May 19th - May 20th - Justice Film Festival
This Friday, May 19th and Sat., May 20th nights is the Justice Film Festival at North Coast Calvary Chapel in San Diego. If you’re in the area check it out, Click Here for more details and to register.

May 23rd - Fathom Event - CBN
CBN will have a Fathom event this May 23rd for a docu-drama they produced called "In Our Hands: The Battle for Jerusalem." It's a story about how Israeli paratroopers of the 55th Brigade captured the Old City of Jerusalem 50 years ago. It was the first time in more than two thousand years the city was in Jewish hands. Click Here for more details. ~Blessings from Jerusalem, Chris.

May 25th - 8am - Hollywood Networking Breakfast
The award-winning Hollywood Networking Breakfast is gathering on Thurs., May 25th at 8am at Raleigh Studios. The Guest speaker is Bill Mechanic, Chairman & CEO, Pandemonium Films that produced Hacksaw Ridge. Click Here to register.
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Video of the Month​: 
The world's best basketball player, Kobe Bryant's retirement poem "Dear Basketball" has been animated by the world's best animator, Glen Keane, and will soon premiere as a short film, scored by the world's best composer John Williams. Watch this short clip of Kobe and Glen talking about creativity and their animated project.

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Tips of the Month
Are you too Creative for Leadership?   
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Quote of the Month
“May God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you can make a difference in this world, so that you can do what others claim cannot be done.”
-Franciscan Blessing
Verse of the Month

“Be sure to fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things He has done for you.”

-1 Samuel 12:24

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