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The legendary PETE LEVIN's discography (CDs, Download, and some albums available on LPs and Cassettes) will be featured on his brand new BandCamp page, managed and marketed by MoonJune Records. We are starting with three albums now - Special Delivery, Möbius and Jump!  and every month from now we will introduce 2-3 more albums from the vast Pete's solo discography. And expect the new LEVIN BROTHERS album to be out later this years, and hopefully there will be some live gigs in the North-Eastern part of the USA (COVID permitting), in addition to Pete's other local gigs in the Hudson Valley, in the New York state. For International engagement, we have to wait for 2022.

Special Delivery
BUY CD • $15
BUY CD • $15
BUY CD • $15
Featuring an array of extraordinary musicians: TONY LEVIN (Special Delivery, Möbius); LENNY WHITE (Möbius, Jump!); JEFF SIEGEL, ERIK LAWRENCE (Special Delivery); ALEX FOSTER, JEFF CIAMPA, CHRIS PASIN, NANNY ASSIS, KAL DAVID, ROB PAPAROZZI, JERRY MAROTTA (Möbius); DAVE STRYKER, MANOLO BADRENA (Jump!).
Limited Availability
self titled debut
Party In The Basement
More Info
More Info
BUY LP • $37.50 / $52.50
BUY LP • $30
Pete Levin - piano, organ
Tony Levin - cello, upright bass
Jeff Siegel - drums (2-15)
David Spinozza - guitar
Erik Lawrence - saxophone
Steve Gadd - drums (1,16)

Pete Levin - piano, organ, synthesizer
Kevin Kuhn - guitar (1,3)
Mike Stern - guitar (2,5)
Alex Foster - tenor & soprano sax (1,5,6,9)
Dave Bargeron - tuba (5,6,9)
Howard Johnson - bari & bass sax, tuba
Lew Soloff - trumpet (4,5,6,7,9)
Mark Egan - bass guitar (3,6,9)
Lenny White - drums (2,4)
Danny Gottlieb - drums (3,6,9), perc. (2)
Gordon Gottlieb - percussion (2)
The legendary PETE LEVIN appeared on over 100 records and he toured all continents for over 5.5 decades playing dozens of thousands of shows.

Between 1964 and 2020 Pete has recorded and/or performed live with artists & groups such as (in alphabetical order): Gary Anderson, Michael Allman, Ron Aprea, Nikki Armstrong, Nanny Assis, Jennifer Aylmer, Aztec Two Step, Larry Baeder, Rene Bailey, Dave Bargeron, Joe Beck, Jeff Berlin, Pat Bianco, Marc Black, Terrance Blanchard, Carla Bley, Rosalinde Block, Blood Sweat & Tears, The Blues Farm, GI Blythe, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Dean Bowman, Beki Brindle, Broadside Brass Bed Band, Hugh Brodie, Brubeck Brothers Quartet, Cliff Brucker, Hiram Bullock, Butterfield Blues Band, Donald Byrd, Don Byron, Rennie Cantine, Rob Carlson, Rondi Charleston, Hillary Chase, Jay Chattaway, Tommy Chong, Jeff Ciampa, The City Boys All-Stars, The Clams, John Clark, Jay Clayton, Jimmy Cobb, D.A. Cole, Judy Collins, Willie Colon, Commander Cody, Gene Cornish, Murali Coryell, Cray & Dempsey, Albert Cummings, David Darling, Kal David, Betty Davis, Miles Davis, Andrea Dawn, Debbie Deane, Mike DeMicco, Angela Deniro, Kenwood Dennard, Jacque DeShetler, Dog Knows, Danny Draher, Robbie Dupree, Bill Edwards, Mark Egan, Don Elliott, Doug Elliott, Ryan Endris, Jimmy Eppard, Joey Eppard, Eric Erickson, Gil Evans, Miles Evans, Fania All-Stars, Rachelle Farelle, Patricia Fennell, Five Satins, 52nd Street, Bryan Ferry, Matt Finck, Alex Foster, Al Franken, Peter Furlan, Letizia Gambi, Chrissy Gardner, Don Gardner, Jimmy Giuffre, Leila Gobi, Danny Gottlieb, Government Mule, Sarah Greene, Janice Hardgrove, Nicole Hart, Richie Hart, Maiko Hata, Jonas Helborg, Joan Henry, Kurt Henry, Deborah Henson-Conant, Jana Herzen, Gregory Hines, Erin Hobson, Clint Holmes, Nick Holmes, Helen Hooke, Lillie Howard, Freddie Hubbard, Nick Humez, Chris Hunter, Kathy Ingraham, Mike Jackson, Howard Johnson, Meg Johnson, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Band, Raven Kane, Toshihiko Kankawa, Tim Kapeluck, Randy Kaye, Mamadou Kelly, Roman Klun, Charlie Kniceley, David Laks, La La, Wayne Lammers, Arnie Lawrence, Erik Lawrence, Annie Lennox, Ray LeVier, Tony Levin, Levin Brothers Band, PJ Lorenz, Ken Lovelett, Charles Lyonhart, Betty MacDonald, Rod MacDonald, Al MacDowell, Machan, Peter Mack, Mike Mainieri, David Malachowski, Tom Malone, Melissa Manchester, Chuck Mangione, Gap Mangione, Manhattan Project, Lou Marini, Keith Marks, Janet Marlowe, Lee Marvin, Lisa Maxwell, Cynthia McCorkindale, David McGough, Mariann Megna, Jane Meryll, Bucky Milam, Don Miller, Liza Minnelli, Charles Mingus, Chris Mitchell, Tommy Mitchell, Monday Night Band, Sam Morrison, Gerry Mulligan, Amina Claudine Myers, Native Vibe, Jeremy Nesse, Carol Nethen, Olivia Newton-John, New York Mary, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Bob Nieske, Alwin Nikolais, Odd Couple Quintet, Old Dogs New Tricks, Eileen O'Hare, Shunzo Ohno, Ola Onabule, Al Orlo, Ted Orr & Blue Food, Jeff Oster, Rob Paparozzi, Jon Paris, Gil Parris, Chris Pasin, Vincent Pasternak, Jaco Pastorius, Pamela Pentony, Roxy Perry, Eric Person, Scott Petito, Vito Petroccitto, Simon Phillips, Pieces Of A Dream, Monika Piotrowska, Lorenza Ponce, Kitt Potter, Jim Pugh/Dave Taylor, Tony Purrone, Python Soup, Genya Ravan, Baron Raymonde, Billy Reed, Reelin' In The Years, Athena Reich, The Retro Rockets, Nicki Richards, Amy Rogell, Robbie Robertson, Sonny Rock, Teri Roiger, Jonny Rosch, Andy Rothstein, Katrin Roush, Steve Rowell, Raphael Rudd, Bobby Rydell, Ali Ryerson, Emily Saaen, Paul Sachs, Salt 'N Pepa, David Sanborn, Dario Saraceno, Ellie Sarty, Steve Satten, Sari Schorr, Steve Schultz, John Scofield, Mark Sganga, Marlene Shaw, Ben Sher, Wayne Shorter, Siegel/Syracuse Duo, Carly Simon, Paul Simon, Marilyn Sokol, Lew Soloff, Melvyn Sparks, David Spinozza, Spirited, Straight Ahead, Roseann Sureda, Gani Tamir, Peter Thomakos, Vaneese Thomas, Andy Toomey, Artie Traum, Happy Traum, John Tropea, Barbara Truex, Elijah Tucker, Joe Lynn Turner, Uncle Funk, Michal Urbaniak, Michael Veitch, Willa Vincitore, Jimmy Vivino, Lou Volpe, Filippo Voltaggio, Voyceboxing, Joe Louis Walker, Corbett Wall, Lynette Washington, Ernie Watts, Jim Weider, Peter Welker, Westchester All-Stars, Wet Paint, Lenny White, White Flag, Vanessa Williams, Curtis Winchester, Deborah Winters, Woodstock All-Stars, Gary Wofsey, Chris Zaloom, Ling Zhang, Zuice.

Pete Levin has performed for film and television scores including Missing in Action, Lean on MeSilver BulletRed ScorpionThe Color of MoneyManiacSpin CityAmerica's Most Wanted and Star Trek. He has composed orchestral scores of his own for Zelimo and The Dybbuk. He was awarded the Army Commendation Medal for writing the official military band arrangement of the U.S. Infantry song.

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TONY LEVIN's new Photography Book
Images from a Life on the Road

Last 50 copies of the First Edition still available, near to be sold out.
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