$40,000 Showpark Racing Festival Grand Prix
As so many things change in the sport, it is always nice to watch a rider who has achieved sustainability over the years... Michelle Parker is one of those. When Carol Parker, owner of Cross Creek Farms, was congratulated her response was epic..."Thank you! I never forget how lucky I am to have the magic bullet, my daughter Michelle." Truer words were never spoken.

The class at the Showpark Racing Festival was one of those VERY nice times. The weather was amazing, the schedule allowed for the jumper riders to be at the ring and the choice of the class music was fun. The course was certainly good enough and big enough and the time was tight. 10 of the 27 starters had time faults and several of the riders had problems and withdrew.

Four ladies returned for the jump off and it got pretty exciting, especially for Mavis Spencer. Starting off with an amazing blast of speed and crafty turns, it looked like she may easily have it...then zipping a quick turn back to #4 in the JO she had a little 'spin out' of traction and I though she may go down. BUT NOPE, she flung her arms and kicked and went on along but a little slower. "I really thought I was doing something special and I just plain had it this time," said Mavis. "Then I stepped on the pedal a bit more after jump 3 in the JO course and all of a sudden I thought I may just get to eat grass instead, but he sure saved my backend!!" And we all laughed!

Mavis is one of the most entertaining and funny people I have ever met. Raised here on the west coast riding with Meadow Grove, she is now the rider for Neil Jones and his traveling road show. They are serious, driven workaholics and at the same time have the hugely innate love of the horse. They love to do sales and have a few clients on the road with them. I have to tell you when I stopped at their barn after the class the crew congregated and we literally laughed for over an hour. GEEZ I love these guys!
$40,000 Showpark Racing Festival Grand Prix
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1ST Cupilor
Michelle Parker - Cross Creek Farms, Inc. - 0/0/37.544
2ND Chello Z
Josephina Nor Lantzman - Josephina Nor Stables, LLC - 0/0/42.082
3RD Cicomein VDL
Tina Yates - HKC Collection, Inc. - 0/4/40.213
4TH Tabou Z
Mavis Spencer - Neil Jones Equestrian, Inc. - 0/8/43.973
5TH Vancouver 45
Michelle Parker - Inc Cross Creek Farms - 4/79.244
6TH Rammstein
Joie Gatlin - Rocking Basilisk Farm, LLC - 4/82.817
7TH  Zelote VDL
Tina Yates - Highpoint Farm, LLC - 4/83.128
8TH  Ceasar 
Tina Yates - ACE Equestrian - 4/84.161
9TH Chin Chin
Arsia Ardalan - Arsia Ardalan - 4/84.702
10TH Chenoa 
Mavis Spencer - Caroline Villanueva - 4/84.890
11TH  Dakar VDL 
Tina Yates - HKC Collection, LLC - 5/85.137
12TH  Chacco
Mavis Spencer - Neil Jones Equestrian, Inc. - 6/86.016
Going to do a little fun gallery of 'SOME OF THE FACES IN THE RING THIS CLASS". IF your picture is not included..we tried but looking back, looking down and breaking to the side of the horses neck to help the horses jump clean, we missed some..did the best we could. ENJOY! 

I have to thank Faith Keirnan, our Intern photographer, for the pictures for this section and all of the ones jumping above. Faith came to iJump as a 14 year old wide eyed girl standing by the ring with a camera. With absolutely NO idea of timing, focus, angles, lighting and what makes a good jumping picture..she just wanted to take pictures of horses. I asked her to come along with iJump and learn (not that I have any idea what most of those terms mean) and she did!! A good student, she is headed to her Senior year in the fall and then to college. It has been a pleasure having her ....AND BOY HAS SHE GOTTEN GOOD!!!!!!