In this special leadership announcement:
The WFA Service Member Board is opening nominations for a volunteer position on the Service Member Executive Board. This position serves a three year term on both the Service Member Board and the Western Fairs Association Board of Directors and is generally limited to two terms of service.  To qualify, nominees must be WFA Service Members in good standing. 

The WFA Service Member Board is opening nominations for the following Division Chair seats:

  • Commercial
  • Food & Beverage
  • Services & Supplies

The term is for two years and they may serve an indefinite number of terms.

The Chair’s responsibilities are:

  • To represent the concerns of their division through activity with the board and service members.
  • To be informed of problems and opportunities that may impact their division and to present the issues to the board.
  • To work with the Western Fairs Association and the service members to address these situations.
  • Help to organize service member meetings.
  • Serve as an information resource for new members and those interested in joining.
  • Work with the Association in planning convention, trade show, and activities involving the membership at large.
  • Each Division Chair appoints alternates to aid in their activities and responsibilities.
To nominate a candidate, please email your nomination to the WFA office. To be placed on the ballot, each nominee must receive a minimum of three email endorsements. Once nominations close, each nominee will be contacted by the WFA office to either accept or decline the nomination.

Nominations close Friday, November 10

Candidates will be given one week to prepare a written statement.
Ballots will be distributed via email
to all WFA Service Members in good standing on
Friday, November 17

Voting will close Friday, November 24

Results will be announced Monday, November 27
Serving on a Committee is not only a step towards future service on the Service Member Board, it also allows you to get more out of your WFA membership. By being involved, you'll be taking advantage of a unique networking opportunity, gaining recognition for your personal brand while also shaping the industry.

President-elect Patricia Conklin is currently accepting requests for placement on 2018 committees, so email her directly to express your interest.

If you're not sure which committee's right for you, join us in Anaheim Wednesday, January 3 for our Leadership Luncheon. We're kicking off our convention by gathering WFA's leadership in one place, with a welcome by President Joe Anderson and an introduction of 2018 committee chairs by President-elect Patricia Conklin. Each committee chair will provide a description of their committee and make themselves available for further discussion so you can find the right fit for you! The luncheon will conclude with presentations by the Merrill Award Finalists, showcasing the best ideas from around the industry. Tickets are limited, so reserve your seat today!
Enter your best photo of the year into the 'Give It Your Best Shot' competition, part of the WFA Achievement Awards! To enter, contact the fair where you took the photo. All entries will be displayed in the Achievement Awards Center at our 2018 Go West convention, where members will vote on their favorite photo. The winning photo will be featured on the cover of the Spring Issue of the Fair Dealer magazine!

Entries close November 10