TEXAS TOAST__ Divinely privileged to celebrate my birthday this year deep in the heart of Texas with my son Dylan & his wife Jennifer, daughter Lindsay & her husband Michael, and my three amazing granddaughters Avery Grace, Harper Emelia and sweet little Fallon Elizabeth. Beautiful Arena family connection with my sister Laura. Inspiring and sacred hope for the future political analysis with Glenn Johnson. Powerful and divinely balanced healing team mojo with Marti Alley and Bernie Owen. And then, guest speaker at my original Sunrise Rotary club in Arlington discussing my 2nd annual Alcatraz Invitational open ocean swim in San Francisco Bay. Powerful vibes in the Texas heartland. Energized. Empowered. So grateful.

                                ~ Bill Arena, Editor 
                                    Arena Round-Up
INTERNATIONAL DAUGHTERS DAY  __ Honored to share scrumptious birthday cake this year with daughter Lindsay, daughter-in-law Jennifer, and granddaughters Avery, Harper and 3-month-old birthday girl Fallon. Oh yeah. Such divine synchronicity. Timing is everything. Life is truly amazingwith Lindsay Arena Wells & Jennifer Arena at The Cheesecake Factory, Southlake, Texas
BIRTHDAY GIRL  __ What an honor to meet for the very first time and celebrate my birthday with this little sweetheart, 3-month-old Fallon Elizabeth Arena, my newest granddaughter born June 26th, amazing little fingers and toes, so sweet and soft and strong and beautiful . . . little girls are just so incredibly awesome. Oh yes. Divine synchronicity. Life is good. 
HEALING TEAM __ Powerful energy in the heartland hanging out and reminiscing with my original spiritual healing team. Marti is a sacred Light being, Reiki master and incredible healer who originally taught me the heart-to-heart hug, something I strongly advocate today in my men’s work. Practiced with Bernie. Good hugs and healing vibes in the heartland. My intuition kicks in, yes, time now to increase my healing work. Our world needs this powerful energy right now more than ever  at Unity of Arlington, Texas
TRI-CITIES TRIATHLON __ Lindsay joined me for the final 100 yard dash to the finish line of our Sunrise Rotary Tri-Cities Triathlon held at Joe Poole Lake back in 1991. Little miss long legs giggling and laughing and waving to everyone. The angels flew gently above us. Sacred moment on beautiful planet Earth. Such an amazing father-daughter experience. So empowering now to reminisce about this classic Sunrise Rotary event, my very first triathlon, 28 years later.  at Lynn Creek Park at Joe Pool Lake, Grand Prairie, Texas
POLITICAL REBALANCING __ Refreshing and empowering to hang out with longtime friend Glenn Johnson, a very astute and knowledgeable guy about Elvis and music and muscle cars and especially politics and the EPA and immigrants and the impeachment process living right here in the big belt buckle of the Texas bible belt. Oh yes. Good energy. Sharing optimistic political future for our country. Amazing times we're all living through right now. Wasaka ennaun (Lakota) / Stay strong everyone. We'll definitely get through this and become stronger than ever — getting out the vote at Local Diner - Irving, Texas.
ARENA FAMILY ELDERS __ As the eldest of nine children, 6 boys and 3 girls, born and raised in upstate New York, so nice to hang out with my sister, Laura Elizabeth Arena, longtime Texas resident, and eldest of our family’s three Arena girls. at Mud Bugs Cajun Restaurant, Frisco, Texas.
"ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ" __ Honored to be guest presenter at my original Arlington, Texas, Sunrise Rotary club, chartered in 1987 when Lindsay was 7 and Dylan was 2.  Incredibly heartwarming today to have my amazing, grown up kiddos willingly join me so early in the morning. And then, oh boy, totally lost track of time while enthusiastically clicking through my probably overly-comprehensive 48-slide Alcatraz powerpoint presentation, Lindsay & Dylan doing their very best to frantically get my attention and discreetly signal that my time was almost over. "Uh Dad. Hello! Let's wrap it up." . . . . OMG! How embarrassing. OK, thanks guys. Got it. Next time I'll definitely wear my watch. Yeah it's time. We're good.   — at Arlington Sunrise Rotary.
HIGHLAND WARRIOR ENERGY __ Following the sunrise water safety briefing, our South End Rowing Club’s huge fleet of rowers, kayaks, sailboats, motorboat pilots and SFPD jet ski watercraft head out to Alcatraz. Then our massive group of swimmers begins marching together several blocks to the Red & White Ferry docks led by Scottish bagpiper Lynn Miller from Edinburgh. Supercharged Scottish Highland warrior energy drives our enthusiastic crowd onward towards our deep sea destiny with the mighty Pacific.  at Capurro's Italian Restaurant, Hyde Street Pier
PUGET SOUND CRAZIES __ It was a pretty tough Alcatraz crossing this year . . . luckily, my pre-race jitters were joyously banished just by hanging out with this amazing, incredibly robust and wildly exuberant swim pod from Seattle. Average winter ocean water temp where these wild people train year-round in Puget Sound is mid-40’s. Mama Mia! Heidi's badass crew comes down here every September for our annual Alcatraz Invitational just to warm up in our sacred San Francisco Bay.  — at Red & White Ferry Docks, San Francisco
JUMP & SWIM AWAY FAST __ Upon reaching a very precise GPS spot directly abeam Alcatraz the massive commercial passenger ferries slowly maneuver around, then shut down their engines. Swimmers now poised to leap out into the swirling open ocean within a dangerously precise 5-minute safety window before surging bay currents push us out of position. A warning buzzer activates simultaneously on both ships. Now entering Alcatraz Island Restricted Area Danger Zone. Safely launching 600+ souls into the wildly swirling open ocean maelstrom of San Francisco Bay is serious business.  — with 600+ swimmers at Alcatraz Federal Prison
DIVINE FEMININE AWESOMENESS  __ After struggling through some pretty significant chop and wind and cold Pacific Ocean currents pushing me all over the darn place, finally, gratefully, mercifully, stepped across the finish line and welcomed home by these three Texas beauties. Oh my goodness. My heart is full. So grateful to have these amazing Arena girls, Lindsay, Avery and Harper welcoming me home from prison. with Avery Grace, Harper Emelia and Lindsay Erin at Aquatic Park Cove, San Francisco

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