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January 27,  2016
Open 8-6 Monday through Saturday
Closed Sundays until April 3rd!
Farm Talk
Saturday January 30 10am

Start off the new year on the right foot by attending this informative talk with registered dietician, Kathleen Minihan. She will talk about redefining dieting so we can shift the focus from weight loss to health.  We'll also be serving coffee, tea and freshly baked farm goodies. Plus everyone will receive a coupon for 10% off in the market - so you can put all of your newfound knowledge to good use!
We loved hosting all our farm to table dinners last summer, so we thought we would offer a
Saturday brunch
on February 6th @ 11am
*Crisp green salad with lemony vinaigrette
*Turkey hash with poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce
*Apple fritters with caramel sauce
*Nantucket Coffee Roasters Coffee, selection of teas
and a Mimosa bar (bring your own bubbles)
Folks often ask
"What do you do all winter at the farm?"

It's hard to believe these baby tomato plants will fill the first of seven
tomato greenhouses and will produce ripe tomatoes by Memorial Day!
~Making Repairs~
This greenhouse will be home to thousands of geraniums beginning in a couple months.  But at the moment there are some badly needed repairs happening.  Snow, wind and time take their toll on infrastructure. 
Start your day off right with one of our made to order
breakfast sandwiches.
Fill yours with a choice of meats + cheeses, sriracha mayo and even a hash brown!  Ask for a Breakfast Card and when you've purchased 10, you'll get the 11th free!
Apples from Carlson!
Now in the market!
Mutsu- crispin
Pink lady
Winter Cooking
These Carlson apples inspired me to look for some savory recipes and I found this recipe from bon appetit that you can adapt using apples and Nantucket Bay Scallops.  Click here for the recipe. 
Seared Scallops with Apple Pan Sauce   (photo from Bon Appetit website)
Coming Soon..Nantucket Fresh Catch Fish Club
So often when winter rolls around, we forget about buying fresh fish.  In fact, The American Heart Association recommends eating fish (particularly fatty fish) at least two times (two servings) a week. To help you eat more fish, Joan and Jeff of NFC are offering a fish club to begin in February!  They plan to offer fish like mahi, monk, halibut, trout, sword, tuna, grouper, shrimp, mussels, clams, oysters, squid and fishcakes. 

Here are the details:
  • 1 share = 1 lb each of two types of fish (they choose the freshest available)
  • weekly pick-ups on Wednesdays at the farm for four weeks: 2/10, 2/17, 2/24, 3/2  and/or  3/9, 3/16, 3/23, 3/30 
  • Sign up for a month at a time
  • Cost is $150/month

Joan and Jeff are finishing up the website so you will be able to order directly through them beginning in early February.  Stay tuned...

In the meantime, Joan is stocking salmon in the meat cooler at the back of the's really delicious!
In Case You Missed This Fantastic Farm Talk...
This past Saturday, Nantucketer Elisabeth Hitchcock of Gioia Mozzarella demo’d her fabulous mozzarella and burrata to a crowd of about 70 attendees in the Hayloft. This was especially surprising since it was the beginnings of a very windy and snowy saturday but our inquisitive customers were undeterred. Samples were happily distributed, including a creamy butternut squash soup swirled with stracciatella (mozzarella shreds mixed with savory cream), and farm made baguette topped with cherry tomatoes, truffle oil , balsamic glaze and burrata. To die for! 
We had numerous special requests for her mozzarella, burrata and her infamous ‘stracciatella’ after we quickly ran out as well as many preorders for mozzarella curd for folks to try their hands (quite literally in boiling hot water!) at the art of mozzarella pulling.
All in all, it was a greatly educating, awe-inspiring and delicious morning at the Farm. Thank you to all who braved the storm and filled our Hayloft with community discussion, great conversation and adventurous curiosity.
Leah Mojer
Cheese and Wine Manager
*Interested in buying or making mozzarella for yourself?
Please email Leah ordering questions and information.*
New Products!
From the website of Carr's Cider House
Also known as ‘boiled cider’, this sweet yet tangy syrup is made much like maple syrup – but from 100% apple cider.
It packs a deeply caramelized flavor that will surprise your
taste buds with its powerfully bold apple zing! 
Uses: Pour it on pancakes, waffles, granola, and yogurt; drizzle it over roasted vegetables; rub it on pork, ham, chicken, and duck before roasting or to finish in the pan; whisk it into sweet and sour sauces for tofu and tempeh; mix it into cocktails, sodas, and ginger tea.

This lovely full bodied vinegar packs a real fruity punch and is a little sweeter than your average.  Good enough to be sipped straight!
Uses: Great for deglazing and dressings. Make natural soda by mixing it in bubbly water.  

This throwback thirst quencher is utterly refreshing and delicious. We make it by sweetening our apple cider vinegar with our cider syrup and then blending them with ginger. Uses: This concentrated syrup can be added to sparkling or still water, cocktails, and even used as a glaze for tofu and chicken. Think of it like a sour ginger ale. So good.
 From a cooking perspective ghee is incredible to cook with!
As a very versatile cooking oil and spread, it can be used as butter or in place of any oil in cooking.  It is great on pancakes and shines when frying an egg or roasting vegetables.  Because it has a very high flashpoint of 485 degrees, you can cook it at very high heat and not worry about oxidation. From a health perspective, ghee made from grass fed butter boasts many nutritional benefits. 
We are taking applications and hiring summer staff. 
...from a returning summer employee...“It was just the best summer.  I don’t know how else to describe it!” and “Mj is the best! I honestly don’t think I could find anyone better anywhere.”   Laurie McVeigh – Stocker supervisor and basement guru- From Ireland-returning for her third summer in 2016!

Missing Summer?
One of our summer employees, Daniel Lima, produced a wonderful video about harvesting produce. It's a great first-hand view of farming and will warm you up on this chilly winter day.
Click here to view the video.
Take-Out From Our Kitchen...
Thursday Lamb Dinner - $14.99/lb
Friday Chicken Dinner - $14.99/each
Ribs and Wings on Saturday starting at noon
Tuesday Prime Rib Dinner - $16.99/lb

Dinners include 2 sides and start at 4pm!
Coming up...

Dharma Yoga Nantucket Classes every day in the Hayloft

February 13: Falconry Talk + Demo
with Tom Mulholland. 10 am in the Hayloft

February 20: Winter Gardening
with Andrew Spollett. 10 am in the Hayloft