January 2020
The Future Of Mosquito-Borne Disease: What Is The Next Zika?
Learn from an expert at the 2020 Conference
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.2020 Great Western Conference
March 25 & 26, 2020
Mesa, Arizona

Featured Presenter:
Dr. Stan Cope
Sessions: Improving Your Mosquito Service; Focus On The Future Of Mosquito-Borne Disease: What Is The Next Zika?; Pest Control and Public Health: Partners for the Good of All; Diseases on the Doorstep
Mosquito-borne diseases are an increasing threat in the United States and globally. Dr. Stan Cope will join us for the 2020 Great Western Conference & Expo to examine all the factors that are important in an outbreak, using the 2016 Zika epidemic as an example. We will also look at what threats are on the horizon.

Dr. Cope served almost 24 years as a Medical Entomologist in the United States, including 4 years as the ‘Head Bug Guy’ for the Department of Defense. He then joined Terminix as the Director for Entomology and Regulatory Services. In 2017, Stan joined AP&G (Catchmaster). He has published over 80 scientific and technical papers, delivered well over 150 presentations all around the world, has done research or operational entomology in over 20 countries, and has worked on mosquitoes for almost 40 years. He is also Past President of the American Mosquito Control Association.

Join us March 25 & 26 at the Mesa Convention Center in Mesa, Arizona for this enlightening session and many more!
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