Dear Church,

You know that change is hard. We need your help with a big change. 
We've known for a while that, following the sale of the Congregational House, our home since 1935, to the for-profit developer Faros Properties, we would likely not be able to stay.  We worried the rent would go up and we would not be able to afford to stay.  We worried our lease would not be renewed. Recently, we received a letter notifying us of the termination of our lease at the end of March.  

We need to raise $5,000 in the next 60 days
to cover the costs of moving. 

We are sympathetic to the struggles of the American Congregational Association, who, like so many of us, is trying to figure out how to define its mission, preserve its history, and orient to God's future.  We wish the Congregational Library well.

But we've still got to move!  You know us--we aren't big on fancy furniture or  luxury accomodations--and we will keep our moving costs low as we continue to pare down the things we need in a physical offices space.  Some things, though, just cost money: things like moving (in downtown Boston), and replacing our business cards and stationery with an updated address.  Will you help us make this move as seamless as possible, to ensure that the work of the Council is not interrupted?

Frank Jennings came on the scene as the Executive Secretary of the Council of Churches in 1935, and his office was the first one we had in this building.  He was famously told by a predecessor that to succeed he would "need all the sense of humor that you have, and you cannot smile in the wrong place." 

We want to be like Frank, treasuring our values of delight and excellence in this process.  Would you help relieve the stress by sending a donation our way to defray moving costs?

Every day we work on the logistics of moving is another day that we are not able to work on critical issues of this moment. We exist to make the vibrant Church visible. Help us speed this move so we can get back to work on your behalf. 

We are close to finalizing a new location, and will let our community know as soon as the papers our signed. Your prayers and financial support at this critical moment of change give us the strength and resources for the days ahead.  Please, give now to help us move.

With hope,
Rev. Laura
       |     (617) 523-2771