What takes place in a private Body-Dialogue Skype/Phone Session ?
Because of early childhood wounds or trauma, our bodies carry physical and emotional contractions that cause habitual survival responses. These often sabotage us, causing strong feelings and therefor physical dis-ease and/or disease.

Ute will guide you with Gestalt body-dialogue and sensory awareness exercises for your body, and guided imagery for your mind, to release your old and redundant stories that interfere with your life.
The NEW story reveals itself simultaneously with your own emotional, physical, mental and spiritual inner support.
Without re-traumatization new neurological pathway are discovered, cellular memory is balanced and restored and a lightness of being is embraced.

In a Unergi Private Session we may cover any of the following:
- how to give your body a chance to discover your truth, using the Alexander technique energy awareness and body dialogue with Gestalt therapy.
- Setting healthy boundaries by honoring your resistances, you will learn when to say “yes” and when to say “no” to build safe and trusting relationships
- How to safely release feelings related to physical/mental/or emotional neglect and abuse to safely re-program your history.
- How to experience new levels of awareness, and with conscious choice you will redirect habits of thoughts and feelings that have been learned over a life time and no longer serve you.

The kinds of themes that may surface are:
- emotional and physical burnout
- chronic pain
- depression, lethargy
- physical/emotional or sexual abuse recovery
- relationships and trust (with individuals or couples)
- Inner child issues
- Chakra energy awareness
- self confidence and abundance
- creative development
- meditation, mystery and silence

Ute has honed her skills for 35years studying, teaching and training her Unergi, unity&energy, holistic Body-Psychotherapy method. It seamlessly blends the Alexander technique, Gestalt therapy and her Unergi core micro movements to amplify the body’s story.
Ute Arnold, MFA
Body-Psychotherapist, artist, author
Unergi Holistic Therapy School

Please email Ute Arnold for your first session with your phone #.
Fee: $165- per hour
$1500- for 10 sessions, first introductory one free.
Pay via Paypal to or use the link below to register