Reach Out and Read of Greater New York's
Quarterly Town Hall News

Every quarter we gather with leaders and representatives on the frontlines of the COVID-19 health crisis, the doctors, nurses, and other pediatric care providers who represent the program sites we support with books, literacy training, and more.

The top five takeaways from our most recent gathering shed light on the future of our work and the medical field: 

In-person well-child visits are increasing. One of the hardest hit sites by COVID-19, NYC Health and Hospitals/Elmhurst, is now seeing about 70% of the well-child visits they normally see, which is a good indicator for the community's health.

Literacy-rich waiting rooms are taking a new form. The max time spent by a family in a waiting room is about 5 minutes, so Reach Out and Read staff are exploring new ideas for how to infuse early literacy into the waiting room experience.

Many sites need more books but have lost storage space to PPE. Read Out and Read staff are confident the ordering of books via First Book (see below!) will help alleviate this issue, as sites will be able to order books when they need them, rather than receiving a large order all at once.

Tele-health is here to stay, even when COVID-19 goes away. We spent time thinking of better ways to support tele-health visits for our providers. We have some resources on the Healthcare Providers section of our website now and are in the process of developing more.

Our partner sites want to continue quarterly Town Hall meetings to connect with other sites. Our next one will be in November 2020 – topics and speakers TBD.

Wondering who some of the people are behind these gatherings? Check out our Provider Spotlight!

Map of New York's Five Main Burroughs Demonstrating the Numbers of Children Served in Each by Reach Out and Read of Great New York; the numbers total over 250,000.

Our current program reach. Each red number corresponding to the burrough represents the number of children we serve. The total is over 250,000 through over 230 pediatric care program sites. To learn more about our sites, check out the interactive map below!


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First Book Selects Reach Out and Read for Matching Grant


Though silver linings abound through each and every family impacted through our mission, good news in the world at large does seem a little more scarce these days... which makes it all the more exciting to announce that Reach Out and Read of Greater New York has received a $65,000 matching grant from First Book.


Since 1992, First Book has distributed more than 200 million books and educational resources to programs and schools serving children from low-income communities in more than 30 countries. Their work has recently received the attention of The New York Times, and as yet another exemplification of their commitment to social sector collaboration, impact, and enterprise - widely recognized by leaders like Library of Congress, Clinton Global Initiative, and National Book Foundation - First Book's support of Reach Out and Read comes at a critical time of need.


While we move out of our office space to cut expenses and drive every penny towards our community, the First Book matching grant will translate to over 32,000 books for the 250,000 children we serve.

But we need your help to make the most of it, and turn that number into 64,000 books by activating this match. Can you chip in towards the $65,000 we'll soon be spending on high quality books to distribute to the most vulnerable in our community?

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We are nothing without our generous donors. THANK YOU to our long time supporter, Alice Paisner, who recently donated over 900 books to the families we serve in Greater New York!

Our office apartments are temporary homes to book donations before distribution to program sites! Nine boxes from American Library Association and five from Amazon make their way to families.

Over 230 Program Sites


We serve 232 locations throughout NYC, Long Island and the Greater Hudson Valley. By scheduling your child’s checkup at one of our partnering sites, you will work with a trusted pediatrician who will provide you with a free book to take home! 

Find the closest Reach Out and Read of Greater New York clinic near you using this interactive map.

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Newest team member Michael Lotito just completed his pre-med studies and is working with Reach Out and Read in a service year before continuing on to medical school. He recently experienced his first Program Site visit and took away a lasting memory:

One of the best parts was hearing Dr. Weber's most special Reach Out and Read memory. She had been seeing a family who lived in a shelter for the first 12 months of their child's life, giving out books at every visit. Then, the family was able to move into their first apartment. They were so excited to show Dr. Weber a picture of their baby's shelf in their bedroom: comprised exclusively of Reach Out and  Read books.

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